Local 84 was granted a charter with the International Ironworkers in 1904. The jurisdiction at that time went all the way into Mexico. There were many Ironworkers working on Bridges, Office Buildings, Warehouses and Roads in Texas.

In 2003 Ironworkers local 84 Celebrated its 100th Anivirsery, The University of Houston History department did a History Search of Local 84, They did a Great Job and it was enjoyed by all.

As with most Locals they were started to proved the benefit of a decent burial in case an Ironwoker was killed on the job.

Today the benifits range from Health Care, (Medical and Dental) A Pension Plan, A 401 type K Plan, and A Vacation Plan and a Death Benift Plan. All that is listed is paid for by  the contractor.

Local 84, combined with Local 135 (Galveston) have the privilege of having one of the best Apprentice facilities in the Nation. In the Late 70's and early 80's we had  over 1100 Apprenices attending classes. These Facilities are still being used today and have had the state of the art updates to ensure that the apprentices we teach today are the best in the field.